Friendly Veterinary Nurses here to provide your pets with loving In-Home or In-Store Care!! Please also check-out or Online Store for Pet Veterinary Certified Foods/Medication/Supplements/Supplies and much more!!

In Store Consultations

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, no person(s) other than The Pet Health Centre staff and its affiliates are permitted to enter the store. This means that pet guardians are not able to be enter the premises of the Pet Health Centre while their pet is receiving care inside. 

The Pet Health Centre is NOT a veterinary hospital, however its space can be utilized if you do require a mobile (housecall) veterinarian or mobile (housecall) groomer* to meet at The Pet Health Centre to have your pet treated/groomed*.

Prices may vary depending on the pet health concerns you may need addressed for your pet.

Please fill out the form directly below and in the text box section, let us know what you need and are looking for. One of our lovely staff members will look into an arrangement and get back to you with a plan of care.

*PLEASE NOTE: Given the pandemic, aesthetic grooms may be limited at this time. Essential service work such as medical grooms would be prioritized. That is, medical grooms such as severe fur mats, ingrown nails and other issues impeding the quality of life of a pet would be prioritized over aesthetic grooms. We apologize for any patron and pet inconvenience as we continue to navigate public health restrictions at this time.