Friendly Veterinary Nurses here to provide your pets with loving In-Home or In-Store Care!! Please also check-out or Online Store for Pet Veterinary Certified Foods/Medication/Supplements/Supplies and much more!!

The Pet Health Centre


We want to empower pet guardians to make educated and informed decisions for themselves and their pets by providing them with the knowledge, products, and services to help them achieve this goal.

Our Pet Health Centre Mission:

1. To create empowerment through access, and action through learning.

2. To establish a level of attentiveness, care, and coaching that we believe both pets and their guardians deserve.

3. To focus on holistic and preventative care by identifying health concerns before they worsen into serious issues--extending wellness into a lifestyle pursuit.

4. To empower pet guardians to be the best caretakers they can be.


We occupy a unique middle space between a veterinary hospital and a pet goods store

We do not specialize in acute care or operate as a veterinary hospital—instead, we create a much easier and more accessible portal for small-to-medium pet health needs— like a pharmacy or drug store model tailored to pets

Though we also sell pet food and goods, all our products are specifically centred around pet wellness, with each of our products having been scientifically tested, veterinarian-certified, and proven to be high-quality

Our staff has more expertise and certification than a typical pet supply store, which elevates us into a new niche

We specialize in both products and services—including telemedicine, remote wellness consultations, medical diet recommendations, pet grooming (in-centre or in-home), as well as in-person (in-home) veterinary visits upon request

We also sell health devices that aid in this goal—such as glucometers, special cat litters, and specific diet-formulated foods for pets with special needs

Though veterinary hospitals offer some of our services and sell some of the same goods, our centre makes these products and services more focused and much more accessible to the general public

Veterinary hospitals can often be extremely busy and do not have the time to walk customers through each of the products in detail

• Taking in information about recommended products in a veterinary hospital setting can also sometimes seem rushed, be confusing and/or stressful as the hospitals are also often trying to multi-task checking in and out other pet health appointments for the day

We create unprecedented access for pet guardians to obtain the expertise and products they need so that their pet can be healthy

We empower pet guardians to take care of their pets at home and train them in accessible pet health procedures, without having to visit a veterinary  hospital