PLEASE NOTE: Only orders OVER $100 are eligible for our delivery feature at this time. Because of pandemic supply-chain issues, orders may be shipped later than expected. Where orders typically take 5-7 days to be shipped to you, we are currently expecting orders to be shipped to you within a 2 week period. Should your order be one that may be impacted and take LONGER than 2 weeks, you will receive a phone call from one of our lovely team members to notify you BEFORE your order is placed and processed through. **We are only able to provide service in Toronto, Canada at this time.**

Medical Help & Grooming Services

With our Expert Help Feature, you can be sure that you will have your very own specialty care team here to not only help your pet get primped and fluffed, but walked through a customized dietary plan with one of our certified Nurses or even address some medical concerns you may have with your pet with one of our certified Veterinarians.




Schedule a consultation with one of our certified Veterinarians or certified Veterinary Nurses. Some common issues that can be addressed through a consultation are:

  • Nutrition consultation with a Veterinary Nurse
  • Triaging after an incident with your pet (a.k.a. is an in-person veterinary visit really necessary?)
  • Behaviour concerns (aggression, excessive barking, recent alarming changes in behaviour, etc)
  • Following up on stable chronic illnesses (diabetes, kidney disease, etc)
  • Skin issues (itchiness, excessive licking, fur loss, etc)
  • Parasite treatment and prevention
  • Palliative & quality of life consultations

Medical Consultations can be booked 3 ways:

1) Telemedicine Nutrition & Wellness Consultations--> BOOK NOW


2) In-Store Nutrition & Wellness Consultations-->BOOK NOW

3) At Home Nutrition & Wellness Consultations-->BOOK NOW



**PLEASE NOTE: Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have limited availability for in-store grooming as we are prioritizing MEDICAL grooming (those pets with severe fur mats or very long nails impeding quality of life etc) over aesthetic grooms. We apologize for any inconvenience for any delays in groom appointment requests at this time.


Grooming Services can be booked 2 ways:

1) In-Home Grooming-->BOOK NOW

2) In-Store Grooming-->BOOK NOW