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Pet Medication, Supplements, and Prescription Requests

The Pet Health Centre is dedicated to helping connect pet guardians to medicines as well as natural supplements to support the healing, vitality and quality of life of the pets they care for. Our passion is to provide the highest quality, most beneficial veterinary approved medication and supplements including but not limited to, human grade fish oils, high potency probiotics and vitamins. The Pet Health Centre is dedicated to helping companion animals to live active, pain free and vibrant lives.

Improving Lives Together: Through Therapeutic Nutrition Counseling 


The wise Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine. We believe this is the back-bone in ensuring our pets remain happy and healthy. Combining a scientific approach to nutrition, veterinary approved diets are backed by extensive testing and are scientifically formulated to help nutritionally manage your pets with certain medical conditions and or thrive on a maintenance preventive diet.  Changing your pet’s diet can help them thrive in life as well as age gracefully into their golden years. 

You can get in touch with one of our veterinarians through a telemedicine consult for vet approved prescription diets. 

This service tailors to young puppy and kittens to our pets in their golden years. 

With vet approved/certified foods, you can be sure your pet is getting balanced nutrition that have gone through valid tests to ensure not only your pet’s nutritional needs are met, but any current health conditions are improved. 


Typically suggested for pets who wish to  thrive and wish to try to naturally remedy physical ailments with a vet approved prescription diet change. 

Individual telemedicine consults take approximately 30 minutes. Session Fee with a veterinarian is $80/30 minutes. 



Improving Lives Together: Through Therapeutic Mobility Aids Counseling and Weight Management 



Improving Lives Together: Palliative Care and the Quality of Life Scale