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Hill's Thyroid Care y/d - Feline Canned

Hill's Thyroid Care y/d - Feline Canned

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**This food can only be ordered through a Telemedicine/Telehealth consultation with one of our veterinarians.**

Hill's® Prescription Diet® y/d® Feline is the safe, effective and easy way to manage thyroid health. Clinically proven to improve thyroid health in 3 weeks when fed as the sole source of nutrition.

How it works:

  • Limited iodine
  • Controlled phosphorus and low sodium
  • High in taurine, L-carnitine & omega-3 fatty acids
  • Promotes desirable urine pH
  • Clinically proven antioxidants

How it helps:

  • Decreases T4 hormone production
  • Supports kidney, heart & urinary health
  • Visible improvement in skin & coat
  • Helps support a healthy body condition
  • Supports a healthy immune system
Iodine Limited Levels Restores thyroid health by reducing T4 hormone production
Phosphorus & Sodium Controlled Levels Helps support kidney health
Taurine & Carnitine High Helps ensure optimal heart health
Magnesium Controlled Levels Reduces building blocks of crystals & uroliths
Target Urine pH 6.4 – 6.6 Supports urinary tract health