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Dentapro Premium Oral Care Chew - Canine Treats

Dentapro Premium Oral Care Chew - Canine Treats

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Periodontal disease is caused by the build-up of plaque and tarter and can be a major cause of health problems in pets. Regular veterinary checkups are the first step in the prevention of periodontal disease, although it is equally important to develop a routine home dental care program that can be easily followed.

Denta-ProPremium Oral Care Chews are not only as easy to use as giving your pet a treat, but also feature a breakthrough technology that helps to eliminate digestive blockage concerns. Digest-Eeze™ is an all natural pre-enzyme process and when added to premium beefhide, it is clinically proven to be more easily digested. It is scientifically proven to dissolve faster than traditional rawhide.

Denta-ProPremium Oral Care Chews also contain natural enzymes that are beneficial to proper dental care. The natural abrasive texture of beefhide also helps to remove food debris, which combined with bacteria can lead to tartar and plaque.

Directions For Use

Give your dog a minimum of one chew per day, preferably following each meal or as directed by your Veterinarian. Denta-ProPremium Oral Care Chews can be used in conjunction with DentaChlorOral Rinse for days that rinsing is not possible.