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Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips for Dogs /PKGX20

Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips for Dogs /PKGX20

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If your aging dog is slipping on hard floors, you might be feeling helpless. We understand how hard it is to watch your beloved family member struggle, so we invented ToeGrips® dog nail grips. ToeGrips® have helped thousands of dogs worldwide conquer slippery floors and stairs.

ToeGrips® help dogs rise and walk so they can enjoy life to the fullest.

Select the right size for your dog

2 Options to Find Your Size:

**Please note that measuring your dog's nails (outlined in our video tutorial ( and our written instructions) is the gold-standard for selecting the ideal size for your dog.

Step 1: Wrap a piece of dental floss around the middle of the toenail. 

Step 2:  While holding the floss around the nail circumference with one hand, use a fine point Sharpie® to mark across both pieces of floss. This will create two points. 

Step 3: Stretch the floss and measure the distance between the two points in millimeters.

Step 4: Repeat for all 4 nails on one front paw and one hind paw (not the dewclaw).

Step 5: Based on the measurements obtained (not the average), use the chart below to find your dog's size. Sometimes a dog will require a combination of two sizes.

Nail Circumference Size Color
9-12mm XS Yellow
13-15mm S Red
16-19mm M Blue
20-23mm L Green
24-27mm XL Purple
28-30mm XXL Orange
31-36mm XXXL Navy