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Feliway Diffuser REFILL FOR: 1) Classic & 2) Friends 30 DAY REFILL /PKG 2

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**PLEASE NOTE: If you do NOT have a Diffuser to house the refill bottles, you will need to purchase the Diffuser package first.**

FELIWAY Diffusers come in 2 Types for 2 Different Purposes: 1) Classic & 2) Friends:

1) FELIWAY Classic Diffuser is an excellent solution to comfort cats at home and avoid signs such as urine spraying, scratching or hiding.

  1. Nurtures your relationship with your cat, by creating a loving environment at home. Continuous effect, provides constant comfort for your cat.
  2. Clinically proven, veterinary used and recommended

2) FELIWAY FRIENDS is an easy-to-use solution to reduce conflict between cats living together, and avoid signs like fighting, chasing, blocking and staring.

  1. Helps your cats get along better at home. Continuous effect, helps ensure constant harmony.
  2. Clinically proven, veterinary used and recommended.

Bringing home a new cat? Start with FELIWAY Classic to provide reassurance to ALL cats and help prevent conflicts from starting.