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Royal Canin Renal Support - Feline Canned

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The Feline CANNED versions come in 3 DIFFERENT textures+/-aromas (our "secret sauces"). Each formula can be fed independently or combined. Canned and kibble foods (See Royal Canin Renal Support - Feline Kibble for more options) can also be combined for a total of 9 mixed-texture feeding options:

1) Renal Support D is a stew texture with aroma type 1

2) Renal Support E is a pate texture with aroma type 2

3) Renal Support T is a stew texture with aroma type 3

We have developed each of these 3 diets to offer a unique stimulating experience through different aromas and textures. As smell and taste preferences can be very individual from pet to pet, the RENAL SUPPORT line now offers you and your pet variety, helping to ensure there is always an option that will suit your pet’s preference.

Specially formulated to assist in appetite stimulation and the management of renal disease in adult cats.

Stimulates the appetite of pets through exceptional aromas, flavours and textures.

Reduced levels of highly digestible protein and restricted phosphorus to reduce stress on the kidneys

Supplemental omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) validated to reduce inflammation

A high energy density reduces potential for weight loss during times of reduced food consumption.

Concentrated energy