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Royal Canin Renal Support S - Feline Kibble

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The Feline KIBBLE versions come in 3 DIFFERENT shapes and textures+/-aromas (our "secret sauces"). Each formula can be fed independently or combined. Kibble and canned foods (See Royal Canin Renal Support - Feline Canned for more options) can also be combined for a total of 9 mixed-texture feeding options:

1) Renal Support A is a round shaped kibble with aroma type 4

2) Renal Support P is a square shaped kibble with aroma type 5 and is a dual texture ie. crunchy on the outside with a slightly softer inside. Renal Support P can be nicely used as a treat as well as a maintenance diet.

3) Renal Support S is a square shaped kibble with aroma type 6

We have developed each of these 3 Kibble diets to offer a unique stimulating experience through different aromas and textures. As smell and taste preferences can be very individual from pet to pet, the RENAL SUPPORT line now offers you and your pet variety, helping to ensure there is always an option that will suit your pet’s preference.

Specially formulated to assist in appetite stimulation and the management of renal disease in adult cats.

Stimulates the appetite of pets through exceptional aromas, flavours and textures.

Reduced levels of highly digestible protein and restricted phosphorus to reduce stress on the kidneys

Supplemental omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) validated to reduce inflammation

A high energy density reduces potential for weight loss during times of reduced food consumption.

Concentrated energy

• Renal disease (IRIS Stage 2–4)
• Significant proteinuria
• Protein-losing nephropathy
• Urate and cystine urolith prevention
• Liver failure

• Growth, gestation, lactation
• Appetite stimulation. Unique aromatic profile
• Healthy aging C.E.L.T. antioxidant blend (vitamin C,vitamin E, lutein & taurine)
• Skin health Omega-3 (EPA & DHA) and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin A, biotin & chelated zinc
• Kidney health. Appropriate level of protein, restricted phosphorus and supplemental EPA & DHA
• Weight support. Increased caloric density & high palatability
ü Slows down progression of kidney disease
ü Increases caloric intake through high palatability
and caloric density
ü Helps slow aging process by decreasing cell damage
ü Improved quality of life
ü Increased appetite and food consumption
ü Maintenance of healthy weight
• Inappetence may be seen in cats with renal, liver, or
heart failure. Therefore, food consumption should
be monitored to ensure adequate daily caloric
intake. Adding water to the dry formulas may
improve palatability. Consider feeding smaller, more
frequent meals.
• Cats with renal failure are at risk of dehydration. Fresh
water should be available at all times. Feeding canned
formulas is an easy way to increase water intake.
• Cats with renal failure urinate more frequently.
Frequent cleaning of the litter box will encourage
the cat to use it on a regular basis.
• Feline RENAL SUPPORT P is an excellent treat
option for cats being fed RENAL SUPPORT A. Treats
should be limited to no more than 10% of the daily
caloric intake. Remember to adjust daily food intake