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Medical Consultations





Schedule a consultation with one of our certified Veterinarians or certified Veterinary Nurses. Some common issues that can be addressed through a consultation are:

  • Nutrition consultation with a Veterinary Nurse
  • Triaging after an incident with your pet (a.k.a. is an in-person veterinary visit really necessary?)
  • Behaviour concerns (aggression, excessive barking, recent alarming changes in behaviour, etc)
  • Following up on stable chronic illnesses (diabetes, kidney disease, etc)
  • Skin issues (itchiness, excessive licking, fur loss, etc)
  • Parasite treatment and prevention
  • Palliative & quality of life consultations

Medical Consultations can be booked 3 ways:

1) Telemedicine Nutrition & Wellness Consultations--> BOOK NOW


2) In-Store Nutrition & Wellness Consultations-->BOOK NOW

3) At Home Nutrition & Wellness Consultations-->BOOK NOW